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Driving is freedom !…
But it is also a very serious matter and your security and security of others comes with laws, rules and regulations that make driving less “free.” Learn them  and respect them always. They are very important and necessary for everyone.

This course is much more than passing an exam to only get a certificate of completion. It is a tool to train your brain on many rules and regulations so you will follow them instinctively and rightfully when needed for the rest of your Life. But you must keep in mind that your car is a deadly weapon and we are here to teach you how to handle it safely and responsibly. For this reason, We are taking Driver’s Education and Behind-The-Wheel drivers lessons very seriously.


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Did you say freedom?

Some topics are illustrated with funny pictures or videos
This is ONLY to make it more pleasant to learn and easier to remember.  Pay much attention to the text attached, that is the real message. The laws attached to this are no jokes and you must learn them and remember them for the rest of your life. It must stay engraved in your subconscious mind so it can used it when needed, within a split of a second., saving your Life.

By the end of this course, you should clearly understand why operating a motor vehicle is a very serious responsibility. You will soon be given the privilege to operate a deadly weapon on public roads (your car). You will learn about what is expected from you as a driver, from obeying the law to being courteous and aware of your obligations to your safety as well as the safety of others.

You may consider this being yet ” another” boring test to pass and neglect to read it thoroughly. You may decide to take your chance by guessing the responses on your quizzes. You may (or may not) succeed this way but remember that the most important thing is that when driving there may be a split of a second where you will not have a second chance at guessing..

Lessons, Topic and Quizzes:

How to use this Course:

This course includes 10 lessons. All lessons are made of several topics. The last topic is a training quiz to test your knowledge. The last quiz is your 50 question exam.

1- Click on the first lesson to open the corresponding list of topics.

2 – Each topics is on a timing (average 1 hour depending of the length of the topic). When timing ends it unlocks a button to “mark this topic it as complete” and opens the next one.

3 – The last topic at the end of each lesson is a small training quiz. This is to test your knowledge and to ensure that you have studied all the lesson-topics content with attention. 100/100 success is needed on training quizzes to open the next lesson (80/100  successful answers is needed to pass the exam).

4 –  mark the last topic/quiz as complete to unlock the next lesson (if not automatically forwarding, click on ” continue” to go to the topic list)

5 – If you fail a quiz, go back to the previous lesson to read the material again until you pass the quiz.

6 – The DMV requests 30 hours of learning, as in a classroom. The entire course of 10 lessons contains a total of 30 topics  and will end-up with a Final 50 question final exam. All training topic-quizzes will prepare you for the final exam. Do it at your own pace but read each topic thoroughly until you master them and remember every rule and regulation. Your life depends on it as a driver.!

If you have a problem, question or suggestion,email to

Your must give the right responses to all training quizzes before advancing to the next topic.

This questions are only for training and a prelude to your exam. You can redo the training quizzes as many times as you need (no timing) so it is faster  to read the topics rather than guessing the answers over and over. The DMV will be keeping your records for 3 years. Training quizzes require 100/100 good responses,

At the end of the entire course there will be a last quiz with 50 questions, which your must pass with a minimum of 80/100 correct answers.  (it should be a breeze if you read your topics).  After passing the test, you must download a Statement to be signed/ notarized  by you and your Parent/Guardian,stipulating  that you did and completed the course by yourself (it’s the law).. Upon sending it back to us by email , we will send you a certificate of completion  for the DMV. Please complete your profile with all correct info as it will show of the statement and certificate

When completing your profile remember your responses to the “favorite” questions. They will be asked prior each quiz as a mean of identification. Failure to respond the right responses will block you from passing your exam..

The Following are the Requirements to Qualify for the LasVegasNvDriversEd Online course: Register user. Being a resident of the state of Nevada Being at least 15 years of age internet access Credit card or a Paypal account to buy this course online (your can create a Paypal account here too)
This course curriculum consists of a list of Lessons containing topics. Topics are on a timing, the total learning time is 30 hours at your own pace.
The button ” Mark the topic as complete” remain locked as long as the timer is running. When it stops, click on it to unlock the next topic or quiz. For added convenience your will find your last topic’ link on the top of pages where your left it, so your don’t have to look for it or remember where your where at the end of the last cession.. This is not yet another “school test”. PLEASE READ ALL THE MATERIEL OFFERED: The DMV is requesting that ALL students MUST read all of this material but this is not simply to pass yet “another School test” . The real reason is that there will be a time when you will be behind-the-wheel as a driver, and suddenly there will be a split of a second when you will not have the time to guess the answers, read your notes or even think. Your subconscious mind will act  according to what it learned or experienced. . As a teenager, you do not have any driving experience, but learning from other people experiences will make you wise. PLEASE BE WISE, READ ALL TOPICS THOROUGHLY. Your Life and your passenger’s life will depend on it. In order to register for your full driving license you must present to the DMV the following: 1) The  drivers Ed certificate of completion with lasvegasnvdrivingschool approval 2) Your Nevada learner permit 3) Your driver’s log (Form DLD-130) demonstrating 50 hours behind the wheel practice experience supervised by a parent/guardian or driving instructor. 4) Legal identification* and a vehicle legally registered and insured in Nevada. 5) A copy of your high school attendance record
a) This course consists of 10 lessons with a training quiz (part-1value: $20) and a final 50 question exam (part-2 $20) with a Certificate of Completion. b) Each Lesson contain several topics, The entire course contains 30 topics each of them is on a timing allowing you tp read them thoroughly. The timing per topic varies from 1/2 hour to 1 1/2 hour totaling 30 hours of learning. c) Each Lesson (2 or more topics) ends  with a short practice quiz  as a prelude to the exam d) Prior each quiz you must answer a personal (favorite) question to prove your Identity. This personal questions will be asked first when you complete your profile so make sure  you will remember your own responses (you can takes notes, but keep them private). e) Upon passing quiz #10 (end of  part 1) you will be able to register for the final exam ( 50 question). Your must pass with 80/100 success or more to get your Notarized Statement  and your certificate of completion for the DMV Under 80/100 you will have to redo the test but you will be able to see where you fail and learn the responses from the topics (no more timing) PROCESS: Please Register . Your will receive an email notice with a link to verify your email. Follow the link and login, Pay driver’s Ed part-1 ($20) if not redirected to the page see the subscribe tab in the menu Complete your personal info and favorite questions  and click on ” CONTINUE TO THE LIST OF LESSONS.” DRIVERS EDUCATION ONLINE CLASS opens . After your payment the lessons list will unlock.
YOU ARE NOW IN THE CLASSROOM Your need to spend a certain amount of time on each topic to comply with the required 30 hours learning time. Each topic is on timing. the timer start when your click on a TOPIC title.
Click on lesson 1 – General Laws/ the list of topics opens. ( The last topic is a shout practice quiz on what your just read.) Click on Topic 1 ” Laws your should know.”  The timer for this topic starts
STAY IN THE TOPIC’S PAGE UNTIL YOU MARK IT AS COMPLETE  or your will lose your timing.
When timing ending will unlock the button: Click on  “MARK THIS TOPIC AS COMPLETE”. Next lesson open automatically. all completed topics and quiz will be marked with a green check. or dot. (completed)  – NOTE THAT LEAVING A TOPIC PAGE BEFORE MARKING IT AS COMPLETE WILL RESET THE TIMING TO THE BEGINNING. – IF YOU LEAVE A TOPIC YOU WILL FIND IT BACK BY CLICKING THE BUTTON ON TOP OF EACH PAGE  After the last topic at the end of each lesson is your practice quiz..In order to open the quiz, your must answer the personal question to verify your identity, Click on “Start Quiz” –  after responding each question click on “NEXT” (bottom right) a the last question open a “quiz summary button where your can verify or eventually edit your responses. Click on ” Finish Quiz” to record the result. Your cannot change your responses after this point. Your must pass training quizzes with 100/`00 success. If you fail do it again or check the previous topic for answers (no timing)
a) –  IF YOU do not pass a training quiz:
click on “view questions” to see the one your failed.  You cannot correct them at this point, Scroll back up to  the top of the page Click on “click here to continue” green button Choose a topic to read again (no timing) and re-pass the test Your can do this until your pass the test.
Please note: This is only a training that will help your pass the 50 question final exam at the end of the course. .
 ” click HERE TO CONTINUE” (green button) ,the next lesson will open automatically., REMEMBER: IF YOU QUIT A TOPIC before the end of the timing, it will reset to the beginning” If your still have problems navigating through the course, please use the comments at the bottom of each page or contact us.
TOS Nevada 30 Hour Driver Education Curriculum  Department of  Motor Vehicles Legal Notice and Disclaimer While this lesson plan content may have been approved by DMV, the  distribution, advertising, and other information provided by this vendor is not guaranteed by DMV, nor does it represent the views of the department.  The Department of Motor Vehicles recognizes private enterprises right  to advertise and distribute information related to their business functions. DMV promotes the free exchange of information, ideas, and opinions, except when the content may invade personal privacy, constitute libel or be a violation of any applicable federal, state or local laws. Your are advised that DMV, unless statutorily required, has no continuing obligation to provide information to this  classroom, website or publication. DMV assumes no responsibility for erroneous, incomplete, or out of date information. The user should contact the provider and/or DMV to ensure that the information herein is current and accurate. All warranties of any kind, including but not limited to the implied warranties of merchant ability, fitness for particular purpose, freedom from contamination by computer viruses and non-infringement of proprietary rights ARE DISCLAIMED. Your are advised that DMV is not responsible for the content of any  off-site pages or references from this classroom or website, home study or publication. In addition, DMV and the State of Nevada are not responsible for the content of files that are included. The user should not rely on the presentation of statues or regulations referenced herein and recommends  referencing the actual text of the law. Legal requirements frequently change and the user may wish to seek advice of counsel. If your find errors, omissions or have a complaint regard the educational content, we encourage your to let us know to correct the problem
Las Vegas NV Drivers Ed Online courses do not fulfill the requirements for correct-ordered plea bargains, demerit point reductions or DUI schools. ( See DMV Demerit Points, Traffic Safety Schools or DUI Schools). Las Vegas NV Driving School : Offer this Online drivers-Ed as well as Behind-The-Wheel instructions & training, but does not offer Commercial driver training or Motorcycle safety courses or racing car driver training classes.